• Christmas Decorating Details

    Growing up I had so many influences and they were all present over the holiday break, from table settings to artful cheese displays. I wanted to share a sampling of  how my family entertains, be sure to let me know what you think!

    Beautiful cheese display courtesy of Aunt Ellen of Fezziwig's Marketplace in Lebanon, IL

    Mom's quick and easy center piece: one trifle bowl+glass ball orniments= divine centerpeice

    Aunt Ellen enjoying a glass of champagne, after her haircut.

    Glittered reindeer & candlelight on Nana's beautiful Christmas night table setting

    Here is a great way to present peanuts on a buffet table to add something different.

    The family enjoying a beautiful table, amazing food, and delicious wine.

  • Hosting overnight guests

    Whether throwing a dinner party or hosting an overnight guest I always strive to create an extraordinary experience. The bar is not set very high these days, so even the slightest niceties get noticed.

    When hosting overnight guests I like to set out a stack of fresh towels with a ribbon neatly tied around, you would think the ribbon was solid gold the way people react!.

    Wrapped guest towel's

    I also keep a healthy stock of travel size toiletries, and assemble a beautiful basket full of anything they may have forgotten.  These subtle details make a guest feel welcome and relaxed and are well worth the small effort.

    Toiletries Basket

    What do you do to make your guest’s feel welcome?

  • A wreath from Fall to Winter

    Icy Scene

    Do you recognize the beautiful wreath that I had on the door for Thanksgiving? The moment the turkey soup was ready I was over it and ready for Christmas decorations!

    So with my trusty Krylon Chrome spray paint and some gloves I transformed it into the perfect icy looking accent for the mirror in the dining room.

    Here is the wreath before, I laid it on this huge peice of cardboard around for my various spray painting projects.

    Fall Wreath

    The brighter the better when choosing a silver color to go ontop of wood, I love this Krylon Chrome.

    Krylon Chrome paint

    1/2 way through I was so excited with the result, and it was so easy.

    1/2 finished

    Do you have any fun ideas for converting any of your holiday decorations?